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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On dress

Hai lovely

Just finished this project last nite

With 3D flower
other than that, lets review on d veil. Lame x upload pic kt sini kn

Package A - shawl n veil RM220 je

Net veil with 3D flower

Heavy beaded net veil

Package A -  set of shawl n veil. RM220

If interested, email me y

Sms or wasap - 0123490114

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Veil and Shawl (Pakej A)

Salam dear,

Contoh Shawl and veil utk pakej A.

Color - off white
Design - Heavy beaded and pearls

Package A

Shawl panjang + Exclusive Veil

  • Shawl measurement: 1.8m x 0.5m (Senang nak lilit)
  • Heavy beaded on the shawl and veil
  • Shawl & Veil Material: Chiffon silk
  • Max Veil length: Knee
  • Color can be choose but the shawl and veil must be the same color
  • Normal price: Shawl RM120 + Veil RM140 = RM260
  • Promo Price: RM220 include postage

Package B

Tudung Awning Lycra + Exclusive Veil

  • Tudung size can be choose; S, M, L
  • Heavy beaded on the tudung and veil
  • Veil material: Chiffon silk
  • Max Veil length: Knee
  • Normal Price: Tudung RM60 + Veil RM140 = RM200
  • Promo price: RM180 include postage

Interested? PM us or email at or sms/whatsapp at 0123490114

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Dear all,

Sorry jarang update pic veil kat sini lately.

Kalau nk tgk latest collection, boleh tgk kt our fanpage ye..just click at the side bar

thnx for the support