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Monday, January 21, 2013

New Veil Package

Salam Dear

Package A

Shawl panjang + Exclusive Veil

  • Shawl measurement: 1.8m x 0.5m (Senang nak lilit)
  • Heavy beaded on the shawl and veil
  • Shawl & Veil Material: Chiffon silk
  • Max Veil length: Knee
  • Color can be choose but the shawl and veil must be the same color
  • Normal price: Shawl RM120 + Veil RM140 = RM260
  • Promo Price: RM220 include postage

Package B

Tudung Awning Lycra + Exclusive Veil

  • Tudung size can be choose; S, M, L
  • Heavy beaded on the tudung and veil
  • Veil material: Chiffon silk
  • Max Veil length: Knee
  • Normal Price: Tudung RM60 + Veil RM140 = RM200
  • Promo price: RM180 include postage

Interested? PM us or email at or sms/whatsapp at 0123490114

Friday, January 18, 2013

White veil for customer

Salam bride to be out there

Still searching for the veil and shawl for your big day? Here, we have it.

Pearls & Sequins

The details

Material: Soft Net
Design: Heavy patch lace and pearls

Interested? email me at
or SMS/whatsapp: 0123490114

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Promosi Design Header RM15

Salam dearie,

Teringin nak header blog yg cantik? This is the time. MyKhalish ada buat promo and sesi pengenalan gitu. This is one of my fay blog. Bukan bodek ye Memi. Ini kenyataan dr silent reader. huhuuu

For those yg interested, blh visit their blog

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PROMO price again

PoP Corn Wednesday

Herewith our promo for today.

1.       Border Lace – Buy atleast 1m and free 1 layer border lace. Color for free border lace are; dusty pink, silver, white metallic and gold. 1st come 1st serve ye. Payment must be make by today before 9.00pm and all the items will be courier tomorrow

2.       Veil Promo – All the order that u make today, entitle to enjoy RM15 off. Deposit for confirmation must be make by today before 9.00pm. Available for b2b March onward. Utk yg February, blh la sikit2.

Love it! Grab it!

email at
whatsapp/sms: 0123490114

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Purple Pink Veil for customer

Salam dearie,

This time nk expose the latest veil. Customer request soft purple mix dgn pink

The details

Overall view
Material Chiffon silk. Mmg sgt lembut and flowy. heavy beaded on the top and keliling ada pearls. tapi tak nmpk kat pic. (",)

Interested? pm me or sms/whatsapp: 0123490114

Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Midnight promo

Disebabkan ramai yg still tanya regarding this WEDNESDAY promo - FREE 1 layer border lace.

dan juga ramai yg tak sempat buat order.

dan juga kami masih ada 7pcs FREE border lace.

Maka dgn itu, we continue this PROMO till all the 7pcs finish

1st come 1st serve darlings!

email me at
sms/whatsapp 0123490114

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Buy 1 meter Border lace & FREE 1 layer. TODAY only!

Morning everybody. I nak buat Wednesday promo.

Beli mana2 border lace (min 1m), n u will get FREE 1 layer border lace.

This promo valid from 9am - 9pm today!
Payment must be done b4 9pm today
Delivery tomorrow
Color utk free border lace, bgantung kpd stok

Yeay, spread d news bebeh!

email me at
sms/whatsapp: 0123490114

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dilla with our veil on her E-day

Thanks Dilla, you look so awesome

Applique diamond veil

Salam 2013,

Applique diamond veil in the house.

Ok, this is very limited edition. Design yg ada pun tinggal sikit jek. For those yg interested, kindly email me at

Applique diamond with metallic silver beads

Applique diamond with pure white beads

With Love,